Holy Heck… we’ve arrived!

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Took my top off today (Oh & WINNER ANNOUNCED!)

I did.

I got nude from the belt up.

Just for a photo shoot.

What a rascal.

A lovely & super talented make-up woman called Sam Galton came and drew upon my bare naked (wheezing) chest…

She drew a heart coming through my ribs.

Photos up in October.

You can’t wait.


The favourite lyric competition has now ended, sorry you’ve missed out.

The winner of the poster/CD/signed hand drawing of my silly little face competition was Deana Ridder of Canada! She chose the words from Neil Diamond’s song Done To Soon. I loved her explanation of it, the reflection that all our developments & achievements here on earth done through time have been done under the same sun and the same moon… and that we all often feel life is just too short! She explained it way better than I did, all philosophy and stuff… she should write songs herself! So, well done Deana!


mwah x


It’s getting closer!

So much still to come in the run up to the release of Heartless!

The winner of the favourite lyric competition will be announced Sunday September 6th… will it be you?!

Yesterday I spent the day with the crew from Jack Wills, being driven around in the back of their branded Land Rover singing Heartless! Watch out for the video diary of this escapade soon!

I’ll be giving away a free download of an acoustic version of Heartless and the video will be live very soon, but for now… you can watch THIS TEASER !

Keep an eye out for more to come!


Ian x



Win a singed pencil drawing + exclusive CD + festival poster of the single artwork by mailing me your favourite lyric & why…

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ME in YOUR home + give aways? Do you?!



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After complaining online that everyone was doing Coke’s marketing for them by uploading pics of their name-on-a-bottle, I asked if they would put pics of me up if I wrote their name on ME!? Turns out loads of people would! And so, the “Britt Pop Cola Tour” was born. I’ll be travelling to people homes and performing for them; with the hosts name on a personalized Coke style T-Shirt as well as writing all the guests’ names on my face for photos! Want to be considered for the tour? Message me back ASAP & you’ll be considered. (For all those who don’t quite make the tour, I’ll be doing a personalized pic just for them with their name written across my face so they can use it as a prolife pic, or just by the bed side table. Phew! I’ll think twice about complaining online again!










We have printed just 100 promo CDs exclusively for use within the industry, BUT –    I kept two aside; one for my Mum and one for you to win! You can win this along   with an amazing (wipe clean!) street poster in a “Favorite Lyric Competition” that’ll be coming up very soon. So get thinking about your favourite all time lyrics & why you love it so much.



Keep on keeping good world! x




New Single-ringle-tingle!

Hope you’re enjoying this AMAZING summer we’re having. Everything looks so much better in the sun! Except sunburn.

So much going on right now, but in a nut shell: the new killer single, “Heartless,” is out on September 29th and I’m really excited about it! I have a record label behind me this time, pluggers getting radio play and press, an amazing looking video is almost completed, help on all fronts to get this to a wider audience. The artwork for the track looks so freakin’ cool and there are posters going up around town with my name on! PRE-SALE ON iTunes VERY SOON!

I feel like a such lucky little boy right now!

I’ll be doing lots of bits and bobs between now and the release date, including blogs, video dairies, photo shoots, twinterviews and much more.

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ONE DIRECTION have finally had the HUGE privilege of the Britt Treatment!


A year ago a very wise woman I know was strutting around singing “ooh, oh ohh, I know that I’m beautiful” and me being the thief that I am, I stole the idea and ran with it, reworking the whole “WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL” song to be from an ego-maniacs point of view. Of course, you understand, I’m not vein in any way ;)

I had loads of fun recording my version in the Britt-style as well as messing about for the video, hope you enjoy it!!

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Love y’all!!


Ian x


Coming up soon!

Hi all, the beginning of this year has been crazy busy for me, so much stuff has been happening… but not much music has come your way, I know. To make up for this, I’m soon to release a clever little cover of one of the world biggest pop bands. Big twist with a wry smile, so get on the mailing list asap to be the first to hear it:

Next week, I’m filming video for Heartless Man, my next single release… again. Watch this space… this is going to be a very exciting year.

Love is the answer… stay calm and believe… x


Your new years resolution is…

…to tell everyone you know about the new EP In Mind!

What a year 2013 was?! 2 EPs, 5+ music videos, 4 live tracks (free on my bandcamp), a 6 track mini-album from my now unfortunately disbanded band The Blame (available free @ plus lots more behind the scenes work!


The latest EP is now up on youtube in full for you to SHARE NOW

Here is the link to copy:


This year I prom you much more recorded music and maybe I promise myself a holiday at some point.



It’s here… it’s here… IT’S HERE!

I am exceedingly proud to offer up my newest release “In Mind,” the best work I’ve produced in a while. Available now to you on CD through this website or download (here or iTunes if preferred.)

As a special Christmas present to you, the supporter of my music, if you buy two copies of the CD, I will send you out a FREE COPY of Mezzalive to say thanks for helping spread my work.

I wish you a very merry Christmas!

One love, remember we’re all one organism living on a finite planet, so be nice to each other, yourselves and the world we inhabit!

Ian x